Our Clients

Our Clients include:

Local Buyers

IMB has helped thousands of local buyers obtain financing at the best terms available in Israel. From first time buyers to pensioners, our consultants consistently get the best rates and terms in the market. We refinance loans either at the same lender,  or switch lenders when needed, often saving our clients years in mortgage payments.

International Investors

IMB has helped many overseas property investors get a stake in the Israeli property market by providing professional investment property loan advice and support. We understand the requirements for non-resident borrowers and can help get the best interest rates and terms.

Real Estate Agents

We are consistently the number one choice for real estate agents in Israel, who refer their clients to our consultants, knowing that they are in good hands.


Private builders recommend us to their prospective clients to get the necessary mortgages. We are able to get long term interest-only loans, along with terms such as grace periods of no payments. These all help the financing of projects that can take up to 3 years to finish.